Jefferson Middle School

Art print storage

The Jefferson Middle School, in Jamestown, NY is a public school that houses grade levels 5-8 with a student population of approximately 400. The library and its staff, provide a quiet haven for book-worms and those with a thirst for learning, even when outside of the classroom. Though a large computer lab, massive book collection and numerous student work displays provide little room for more supplementary materials, such as Maps, Posters and Art Prints, an Ulrich Cadfile is the solution that provides added yet another learning opportunity for the students at Jefferson.

The Cadfile at Jefferson houses a map collection and Picture America art prints and posters from the National Endowment for Humanities. While access is restricted to further protect the materials, teachers can call on the collection for map units, art and history lessons, and librarian, Julie Livengood can retrieve the items for students to look at and reference.

Especially helpful is the space saving technology provided with the vertical filing system. Also, the easy accessibility and labeled folders make it easy to locate the correct material quickly. Furthermore, the entire unit is easily wheeled through the school for classroom use if necessary. Downloadable version of this article.