National School Librarian Day – 2017

April 4th is National School Librarian Day.  Significantly we set aside this day to honor all school librarians. In the hope that they understand how much we appreciate them and the central role they play in furthering the education of all of us.

National School Librarian Day at primary and secondary schools

First, Librarians spend countless hours organizing thousands of items. In order to make it easy for their patrons to easily find items that match their interests and passions. Not to mention they create an environment that is fun to explore and find passions we didn’t know we had. As an illustration, our favorite school librarians Mrs. Livengood at Jefferson, Mrs. Zimmer at Clymer and Mrs. Trapani at Frewsburg schools, provide bright and inviting learning spaces.  Certainly their students are molded by these wonderful learning environments. Of course we wish them and their colleagues a wonderful National School Librarian Day.

Post Secondary Librarians

Significantly librarians house information critical to the study and advancement of our world. Including our favorite university map librarians at Penn State and the University of Arizona. Indeed these collections contribute to:

  • First cartographic projections – understanding the size, shape and position of all lands.
  • Second, human geography – study of the relationship between people and their environments.
  • Next, the exploration of geneology via land ownership maps.
  • Fourth the evolution of populated areas.
  • Not to mention earth and mineral science.
  • Sixth the study of human history.
  • As well as political science.
Happy National Librarian Day to All Librarians!

Overall from primary school to the university level these librarians are key to our development as well as the future study of our world. In essence these librarians spark our first interest in reading, researching and in depth study. In summary we are thankful to you all and we wouldn’t be here without you! Happy National Librarian Day to you all.

Libraries that have Ulrich large document file cabinets

Map Library University of AZ

Ulrich map storage cabinet used to file Topographical maps at Penn State Univeristy

Map Library Penn State

Jefferson Middle School

Frewsburg Secondary School

Frewsburg Secondary School

Clymer Secondary School




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