Flat file cabinet folders are great for organizing flat drawer cabinets. In particular these folders provide organization and protection for map drawers, flat file drawers, engineering prints, poster storage and blueprint storage. As these folders allow you to organize your documents into categories.  And this organization makes document location easy. Of course these folders are heavy duty.  And are easy to remove from the cabinet using unique folder handholes. In fact these handholes are reinforced giving these folders durability and a long life.

Choosing the right Flat File Cabinet Folder

Of course flat file storage drawers are not all the same size. So it is important to find the right size folder. And you can find instructions in the links below.  Or let us find the right folder for you. Just contact us at 1-800-346-2875 or support@ulrichcorp.com. If you are unfamiliar with our folder sizes you can see them all –  flat file cabinet folder sizes.

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