Media Library Includes Flat File Cabinets Replacement

The media library includes important product information as well as comparisons between flat files and Ulrich Cadfile, Minifile and Planfile Cabinets. Don’t see what you need contact us.

Price List

Compared to the large number of features in an Ulrich Cabinet. And the high quality – made in the USA – craftsmanship. The Ulrich products are priced less than any other large document filing cabinet. Download the price list below. If you are uncertain about which product is right for you please call us at 1-800-346-2875.


Fire Resistant cabinets protect your blueprint storage, engineering prints, you won't find this feature in flat files

Fire Resistance protects documents

Fire Resistance

The test data below shows the fire resistant properties of the Ulrich Planfile and Minifile cabinets. Click here to watch a video about Planfile fire resistance.


Fire Resistance Test Data (41.21 KB)


Product Information Sheets

 Organize your flat file cabinets with these heavy duty large folders


Flat file cabinet comparisons

replaces two flat file cabinets but so small and compact it fits in any office or cubicle.

Cadfile fits in any office

Find you perfect Large Document Filing Solution. The comparison sheets below will help you determine the best Ulrich large document storage solution to replace your flat files. In every case the Ulrich solutions will include many more features than flat files. Including – standard locks, folders for organization, heavy duty casters for mobility and many more. Recover some precious office space. Make filing easy. Protect your drawings by replacing your flat files with one of the products below.


For 24″ × 36″  Large Documents
For 30″ × 42″ Large Documents
For 36″ × 48″ Large Documents

Ulrich Planfiling Floor Load Ratings

The document below includes floor load ratings of a fully loaded Planfile or Planfile 2 large document file cabinet.

Ulrich Planfiling Cabinet Warranty

For more detailed information see Product Terms and Conditions. The link is in the footer on this page.