pinfileThe Pinfile utilizes an advanced indexing system and quality construction to make large document filing easier. Features such as unique design which holds the lid safely open, and a heavy-duty, zero tolerance door slide which allows the unit to operate with ease and stability. The Parallel Pin File gives maximum document support. The Ulrich Pin and Post Pinfile is 100% compatible with the Safco Masterfile.

Replace Safco Masterfile 5023AH with Ulrich MP24.
Replace Safco Masterfile 5024AH with Ulrich MP30.
Replace Safco Masterfile 5025AH with Ulrich MP48.


How to choose Pinfile Cabinet Style?

Parallel Pin Style Cabinet – This style cabinet provides maximum support for all document sizes. Large Maps, Architectural Plans or Drawings can be stored along with letter sized specifications and all of the sizes will be well supported by the pins that are more closely and regularly space than on the Pin and Post Style. In addition this cabinet is more forgiving if there is any unevenness in the floor. With the Pin and Post Style Cabinets the pin must match with the hollow post on the opposite side of the cabinet in order to close, unevenness in the floor can cause the cabinet to be difficult to close. With the Parallel Pin cabinet the pins are spaced evenly and do not need to match as exactly allowing for some unevenness. Pin & Post Style Cabinet – You should choose this cabinet if you currently have Pin and Post Style cabinets and you want all of your cabinets to be compatible.

Pin & Post Style – Compatible with Safco Masterfile 2

Part # Max Sheet Size Capacity Pin-Style Height Width Closed Depth Open Depth
MP24 24″×36″ 1200 Pin-&-Post 42-1/8″ 34-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
MP30 30″×42″ 1200 Pin-&-Post 54-3/8″ 42-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
MP48 36″×48″ 1200 Pin-&-Post 42-1/8″ 61-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″


Parallel Pin Style

Part # Max Sheet Size Capacity Pin-Style Height Width Closed Depth Open Depth
M24 24″×36″ 1200 Parallel 42-1/8″ 34-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
M30 30″×42″ 1200 Parallel 54-3/8″ 42-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″
M48 36″×48″ 1200 Parallel 42-1/8″ 61-1/2″ 19-1/2″ 31″


  • Most common filing system in Europe
  • Easy system to use with fast efficient filing – typical document retrieval in 15 seconds or less
  • Various size documents can be filed in one unit
  • Available in “parallel pin” and “pin & post” configurations
  • The “pin & post” configuration is equivalent to the Safco Masterfile

How it Works

How the Pinfile Works

How the Pinfile Works

First, open the lid and use the quick reference indexing system to locate the appropriate document. Lightly glide open the front of the cabinet until it stops in the reference position. In this position the pins remain overlapped to ensure that no document can fall off. After you have found and centered the document you are looking for, open the cabinet into its filing position and slide the document off the pins and out either side of the cabinet. Buttons on the face of the cabinet provide temporary storage for a document while the cabinet is being opened or closed. The Pinfile’s two different pin configurations (parallel and pin-and-post – which is equivalent to the Safco Masterfile) are each available in three sizes.The Pinfile effectively combines advanced design and sturdy construction to create a filing system that is ahead of its time.

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