Product Features

Our products are well-built and designed to last not just years but generations. Our products are built to strict high quality standards, and are the only cabinets that are fire and water-resistant. Take a tour of our features. We invite you to compare our products to any other system on the market. See our product in action – product demo video.

Space Savings


An Ulrich Planfile or Planfile 2 holds as many drawings as six – five drawer flat file sections.

Compression System

Built-in Fire Protection

Ulrich Fire Protection vs. Competitor Function

Double wall construction combining fire resistant insulation with dead air space, providing nearly 5 to 7 times more fire protection than is available from the competition.


Controlled testing has indicated this system can withstand extended temperatures of up to 550° F for at least 1 hour with the contents of the cabinet remaining at temperatures generally regarded as safe for documents.

Fire Resistance Data Sheet – Planfile (41.21 KB)

Mobile Cabinet

features-portable-cabinet   features-portable-cabinet2


Planfiles are equipped with sturdy, full swivel ball bearing castors.


Cabinets will fit through any standard 32″ door. They can be easily moved from one location to another without being emptied.

Water Resistant

features-water-resistant   features-water-resistant2


The water apron and lap joint construction design prevents water from seeping in from the sides.


Protects documents from water damage. Similarly, air-borne dust is prevented from infiltrating stored documents.

Controlled Cover

Controlled Cover   Controlled Cover


Cover opening and closing is controlled by two gas cylinders.


Provides easy opening and prevents accidental slamming.

Planfiling Vertical Filing Convenience

Planfiling Vertical Filing ConvenienceFunction

Simply draw the folder up and forward at a 45° angle, lay back unwanted documents, and glide out the one you want or file a new one.


Vertical filing eliminates the awkward removal and re-filing of documents that is inherent to flat drawer storage.

60 “Tuff-One” Folders


Eighty years of history has taught us there should be no more than 50 documents per folder for active filing.


Increases efficiency of handling active documents with a full 3000 document capacity.

7.5″ Reinforced Folder Hem



The hem is designed to extend well below the tops of the documents in the folder.


Overlapping of folder hem and documents allows the document to share the rigidity of the hem. This promotes better control and makes re-filing easier.

Mylar Reinforced Hand Holes in Folders


All Ulrich folders are reinforced with 5 ml. Mylar hand holes to withstand up to 350lb of pull.


Designed for maximum durability, folder life, and filing convenience.


Optional Convenience Foot Step

Convenience Foot Step   Convenience Foot Step


Permits unrestricted access to entire Planfile.


Convenience steps provide easy access to documents stored in the back of larger cabinets.

Optional Filler Pockets

Filler Pockets are modify Planfile, Minifile and Cadfile documents to accommodate filing a number of different size plans. For example to file Tabloid size documents


Changes an entire Pocket configuration to accommodate custom filing requirements.


Makes storing a wide variety of different sized documents convenient.

Optional Metal Partitions


To create 2 cabinets within one unit.


Front to rear division assists the organization of multi-sized storage by halting sideways sliding of smaller folders.

Convenience Step